We will have a press team working throughout the conference. The press team moves around and watches out for interesting news stories. It produces a souvenir highlights film of BRUMUN and a daily newspaper reporting on resolutions discussed, heated debates, interesting notes handed over by the admin. staff etc... 

The daily newspaper will be published towards the end of each day - it will contain articles about what has been happening around the conference and other features to keep people talking. 

The press will have their own room to work in throughout the conference, but their main job is to move about and catch the stories. 


  • to produce media content prior to the conference
  • to document and publicise events during the conference (e.g. social evening, declamation contest)
  • to produce a daily newspaper during the conference
  • to write articles and take photos for the daily newspaper
  • to organise media content for opening ceremony
  • to work on a video for the closing ceremony and for a souvenir after the conference 

The team will consist of between 10-15 students:

  • 3 photographers (also responsible for scheduling group photos on the last morning)
  • 3 people taking videos and working on producing film content
  • 4 writers/journalists seeking the truth and putting pressure on diplomats
  • 3 people managing social media (snapchat and Instagram and Facebook page)
  • 2 Team leaders setting deadlines and editing final newspaper to be published in format 3 x A3 (12 pages) and as a pdf document

Importance of Journalistic Role:

  • the press team adds a strong democratic feel to the conference
  • choose a name for the newspaper
  • don’t just report – analyse!
  • any errors made by delegates or chairs? Report the scandals and dramatise the incidents
  • team leaders will delegate members to organise printing and collecting of papers
  • everyone on the team is responsible to help with the deadline for the newspaper every day at 15.00 – all members need to work together to get any last minute work done and hand out the newspapers on time
  • being a journalist is all about chasing the headlines
  • work out a plan for your edition - what features do you want to include in your newspaper?