BRUMUN is committed to keeping the costs to a minimum. However, we also want you to have as authentic a conference experience as possible, so the objective has been to find a balance which helps us achieve these two goals. 

For the conference, we will purchase the correct stationary (e.g. placards, identity badges etc...) and organise the printing of a daily newspaper.

Therefore, the main costs in running this conference are (1) Venue; (2) Stationary; (3) Printing; (4) Prizes; (5) Water; (6) Social Event

The cost for each delegate and chair-team member will be €80 per student.

Lunch is NOT included in the €80 fee for the conference. Lunch options are as follows: (a) option to bring your own packed lunch; (c) option to go out for lunch (venue is in the city centre near a number of food outlets); (3) an option to pay an additional fee for lunch at the conference centre - this additional fee is €20 per head per day

The cost for each member of the administration team and media team will be €50 per student.

If you check the costs of other conferences, you will quickly see that these are really competitive costs for an MUN conference - our goal is a quality conference at low cost - the event is non-profit.  

There is no charge for accompanying teachers - we appreciate your support before and during the conference and your dedication to promoting critical thinking, political awareness and public speaking at your schools. 

Schools travelling from outside Belgium must make their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

For flights, there are two main airports in Brussels: (1) Zaventem; (2) Charleroi - budget airlines Ryanair and Aer Lingus fly to Brussels from a range of EU locations. 

Brussels has many hostels and budget hotels -  you can find information about accommodation options here - also you can search hostelworld.com and booking.com for other accommodation ideas - the earlier you book, the better the rates.