• Skills needed - you need to be a good communicator, organised, calm under pressure and a team player
  • Gather resources for the conference (e.g. placards, registration packs, printers, ink, paper)
  • Signpost all facilities
  • Dress code for the event is formal
  • Set up the conference venues and make them look as professional as possible
  • Check all I.T. facilities and liaise with I.T. staff at the venues to resolve any issues
  • On the first day of the conference, get to the venue one hour before starting time to set up placards alphabetically, put up signs and be ready for registration of everybody as they arrive – giving registration packs (identity badges, information booklet) to the teachers
  • Run the cloakroom - prepare a good system for managing this service
  • During the lobbying process, help delegates get printed bersions of their resolutions if needed and transfer resolutions passed by chairs to the approval panel and back to the committee rooms when corrected
  • Be available to help with any problems people have during the conference
  • Manner must always be polite and helpful
  • Hand out of lunch tickets/tickets for social events if necessary
  • Every day of the conference, get to the venue one hour before starting time to set up the conference
  • Set up placards in each committee room alphabetically - on the first and last day, set them up in the big general assembly venue
  • Put a tablecloth on each Chair's desk, get water and cups for the chairs and make sure that each room is completely prepared for the event each day with projectors on and ready to go.
  • Organise flags if possible
  • Organise availability of water
  • Once committees start work, based in each room in teams of 3 – managing room, doors, notes, amendments
  • Screen notes carefully – hand amendments directly to the chair and notes to the delegates to which they are addressed - do not hand on inappropriate notes – put them in the gossip box
  • Look and act professional at all times
  • Your team leaders will delegate tasks, inform you about the agenda and lead the team throughout the conference
  • Your team leaders will divide you into teams of 2/3 to assist chairs in each committee room
  • Your team leaders will organise you into teams of registration staff at the start of the conference and assistants at the full General Assembly Sessions
  • You may also be assigned to work as technical staff or security staff at various points during the conference
  • Your team leaders will give a list of your names and responsibilities to the Secretary-General

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