European School Woluwe (EEB2) is running a Model United Nations (MUN) event in Brussels from Tuesday 27 February to Friday 2 March 2018.

The name of the event will be BRUMUN and the goal is to create a new opportunity for secondary school students to participate in this transformational educational activity.

  1. Find out about the organising team here;
  2. See the conference agenda here;
  3. Information about the committees for the conference here;
  4. What's on the agenda? Look at the issues to be discussed here;
  5. What countries can you represent? Find out here,
  6. What are the rules of procedure for BRUMUN? Learn about them here;
  7. Important rules about the code of conduct;
  8. Read the BRUMUN Charter;
  9. Find out about the Opening and Closing Ceremonies;
  10. Want to be part of the Press Team? Learn more here;
  11. Information about fees.
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