1. Participate in a Model United Nations Conference:

2. Set up a School Debate Club:

3. Inter-School Debates:

4. Debates against Teachers and Parents:

5. Invite Accomplished Guest Speakers such as MEPs:

6. Declamation Contests

7. Public Speaking Training Modules (e.g. on structuring speeches, improving delivery, introducing humour, using figures of speech)

8. Host a TEDxYouth Event

9. Public Speaking Competitions e.g. Humorous Speeches/Persuasive Speeches/Inspirational Speeches/Informative Speeches (5-7 minutes)

10. Impromptu Speaking Challenges e.g. 'Just a Minute' Quiz Game or 1 minute mini-speeches on random topics with no preparation time

Does your school have a public speaking activity that can be added to this list? 

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