Your declamation speech must be a minimum of two minutes and a maximum of three minutes - keep this in mind when you are choosing - you will need to time how long the speech takes to perform and be absolutely sure that it is between those two limits - a number of the speeches below are short enough to present the full speech, but many speeches will take longer than the time permitted, so you will need to carefully select the most interesting two-three minute excerpt from that speech for your declamation. Each of the links below leads you to the text of the speech and in most cases, video versions also. 

1. The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth - Lou Gehrig
2. Ain't I a Woman? - Sojourner Truth 
3. The Boys of Pointe Du Hoc (40th Anniversary D-Day Tribute) - Ronald Reagan                                                                                                               
4. The Gettysburg Address - Abraham Lincoln
5. Tilbury Speech - Queen Elizabeth I
6. First Indictment of Catiline - Cicero
7. Looking for Peace Within the Realms of the Possible - David Trimble
8. Gay Freedom Day Parade Speech - Harvey Milk
9. The Great Dictator Speech - Charlie Chaplin
10. On the Pulse of Morning - Maya Angelou
11. Nobel Peace Prize Lecture 1979 - Mother Teresa
12. Iraq War Speech - Colonel Tim Collins  
13. What if Money was No Object? - Alan Watts
14. On the Death of Gandhi - Jawaharlal Nehru 
15. London - William Blake
16. Hindenburg Disaster Radio Broadcast - Herbert Morrison
17. Who will Take my Place? - Michael Collins
18. United Nations Assembly Speech (HeForShe Campaign) - Emma Watson
19. We Shall Fight them on the Beaches - Winston Churchill 
20. Any Given Sunday - Al Pacino
21. Climb 'Til Your Dream Comes True - Helen Steiner Rice
22. Once More unto the Breach, Dear Friends, Once More - William Shakespeare
23. It's Time to Move On - Bill Clinton 
24. Keynote Address at 2004 Democratic National Convention - Barack Obama
25. I have a Dream - Martin Luther King
26. On Risk and Progress - Captain James T. Kirk (Star Trek)
27. New Year's Address 2017 - Angela Merkel
28. Mad as Hell - Howard Beale
29. USA President Inaugural Speech 2017 - Donald Trump
30. French Election Victory Speech 2017 - Emmanuel Macron
31. Apostrophe to Water – Paul Denton
32. Appeal to the Hungarians – Louis Kossuth
33. Carr Explains the Rules of the House (Film ‘Cool Hand Luke’)
34. Gandhi Non-Violence Speech
35. Give me Liberty or Give me Death – Patrick Henry
36. Greed is Good (Wall Street) – Gordon Gekko 
37. Soliloquy on Death (Hamlet) – William Shakespeare
38. Hannibal to the Carthaginian Army – Livy
39. St. Crispian’s Day (King Henry V) – William Shakespeare
40. Heroism of the Hungarian People – Louis Kossuth
41. Irish Proclamation 1916
42. On a Woman’s Right to Vote – Susan B. Anthony
43. Run a Straight Race (Chariots of Fire) – Eric Liddell
44. Marshall’s Decision to Look For and Save the Final Ryan Son (Saving Private Ryan)
45. Speech of the Scythian Ambassadors to Alexander the Great
46. To The American Troops Before the Battle of Long Island – George Washington
47. To The Army of Italy (15 May 1796) – Napoleon
48. United States of Europe – Victor Hugo
49. Women Plenary Session 1995 – Hilary Clinton
50. Oscar Schindler's Final Address (Schindler's List)
51. Challenger Speech Disaster Speech - Ronald Reagan
52. Network - The Money Speech
53. Scent of a Woman - Al Pacino Speech
54. Television is not the truth - Howard Beale
55. ‘A Few Good Men’ Film Speech
56. A Monologue from the play Alcestis by Euripides
57. A Time for Choosing - Reagan
58. Joan of Arc - George Bernard Shaw
59. No Pardon for Me - Cathy Faist
60. Policy of Nonviolence Speech - Gandhi
61. The King of the Jungle - Christopher Walken
62. Adapted from 'The Path' (Season 3, Episode 8)
63. Sunday Sermon (The Preacher TV Series Season 1 Episode 4 - Jesse Custer)
64. Tell Me Things Have Not Changed (Broken City - Speech by Mayor Hostetler)

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