BRUMUN 2018 

                  The European School of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (EEB2) invited 185 students from across the EU zone to participate in a                              Model United Nations Conference in February 2018 for students aged 15-18. 

                                                                           -    Eurocontrol allowed you access to their amazing facilities

                                                                           -    Top EU Commissioners contacted BRUMUN delegates to wish you all good luck

                                                                           -    UN Headquarters New York sent you an inspirational message of support 


                           Because you are the future and you can never be too good at communicating!

                           Because the skills you learn in these types of role plays will help you address the challenges ahead!

                           Because encouraging you to care about politics and political issues is not only important, it's essential!

                                                          THEME FOR 2018 - TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE

 Message from Lise Kingo, United Nations, New York.

              BRUMUN Advertisement 1

  Message from Commissioner Oetinger

             BRUMUN Advertisement 2

     Message from Commissioner Navradsics

      BRUMUN Conference - Diplomacy at Work 

Declamation Contest Winner 2018

                                                          Europa Room, Eurocontrol

  BRUMUN 2019 IS ON ITS WAY!                        WATCH OUT!